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Dovetail Trio<br>✻<br>4th MAY
Dovetail Trio

4th MAY
Presenting England’s traditional songs with a bold and fresh approach, The Dovetail Trio explores familiar narratives with infectious energy and a passion for musical heritage.
Kid Conventional<br>✻<br>5th May
Kid Conventional

5th May
Releasing my new EP “I Will Never Be An Astronaut” on 5th May at Haggler’s Corner
Undercover Hippy<br>✻<br>12th MAY
Undercover Hippy

12th MAY
Billy Rowan, aka The Undercover Hippy, is definitely not your average singer songwriter. His music brings together acoustic guitar, soulful vocals, infectious reggae rhythms, and the lyrical delivery of a skilled mc.
Henge<br>✻<br>19th May

19th May
Henge – Earth’s Primary Exponents of Cosmic Dross Attention Earth! This is Henge. We come in the name of rave…
Diversity Fest<br>✻<br>10th September
Diversity Fest

10th September
I’m delighted to announce that our third Sharrow Folk Festival will take place at the magical Hagglers Corner, Queens Road, Sheffield …