Haggler’s Corner presents…

Yoga With Esther

What is it that we’re made up of?
Skin, muscle and bone?
Thoughts and ideas?
All of the above…
and a voice on top?

Let’s explore!

With yogic philosophy and nature as our guides, through movement we’ll feel into how we’re intrinsically connected to the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether or Space.

We’ll be practicing a yoga sequence over the 6 weeks that will draw our attention to the ways in which we’re deeply connected to the whole of life. We’ll be building on physical strength and stability through a playful array of asana and finding more freedom and fluidity in movement, through sweet stretching and lots of breath awareness.

These sessions are suitable to those with some experience of vinyasa, Hatha or Ashtanga yoga.

£7 drop in
£30 for the whole 6 weeks
Also part of MoveGB

Mats available at Hagglers, wear your comfy’s 🙂

Tues Jun 5
Tues Jun 12
Tues Jun 19