Matt Tregellas

Wednesday 17:45-19:00 and 19:15-20:45

Next course begins 19th March 2018
Fixed-term courses that provided a structured approach to learning this dynamic style of yoga that uses postures and movement with the breath (vinyasa) to develop flexibility, strength and a calm focused mind. The next course, Intro to Ashtanga, is ideal for those new to yoga/Ashtanga who would like to build their practice from the fundamentals.

Visit the Sheffield Ashtanga Yoga website to find out more and to sign up.

Vinyasa Yoga: Led-class – Wednesdays, 17:45-19:00
Ashtanga inspired led-class which will develop key themes from the Ashtanga practice such as core strength, hip flexibility, balance, shoulder openness and scapula stability whilst developing a focused and calm mind through the vinyasa system of synchronisation of breath with movement. Ideal for climbers, runners, and other active people who are looking for a yoga practice to complement their other sports.

Ashtanga Mysore-style – Wednesday 19:15-20:45
In Mysore-style classes, you can learn Ashtanga Yoga through the traditional method as it is taught in Mysore, India. You will be taught a sequence of postures which you practice at your own pace, in time with your own breath with support and guidance from the teacher and the motivation of practising in a group. Although based on the traditional Ashtanga sequence, modifications will be made to adapt the practice to individual need. Those with previous experience of Ashtanga (Mysore or led-classes) can start any time. Those new to Ashtanga should contact the Matt before signing up as there are once monthly start dates for new students.

£9 one-off / £30 for a 4 class pass / £50 for an 8 class pass
6+2 week course = £50

For more information on all classes and courses, and information on how to book your spot, please visit the Sheffield Ashtanga Yoga website

Matt Tregellas
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