Martin Young

Vinyasa Flow

Monday 18:15-19:30

Hello, my name is Martin and I qualified as a Yoga Teacher 1st of April 2018.

I didn’t fall in Love with Yoga from my first class, as I’ve heard a lot of people do! I tried Yoga as part of a fear fighting program that I was beginning to help me gain some self-confidence that I hadn’t found within myself. I kept going back to classes even though I found them mentally, emotionally and physically challenging, for me they were a strange mix of joy and fear! I felt embarassed and vulnerable in a room with strangers moving my body in positions that I felt compromised in! Eventually I began to feel a strange comfort in these poses and comfort in feeling uncomfortable.

I began to Love my Yoga practice more and more as I felt and saw how I was progressing on every level. I kept going deeper into my practice and realised that Yoga was more than just the time spent on the mat but how we live our lives day to day with moral values, principles and integrity. With gratitude, love and respect for ourselves and others. I have been inspired by Yoga and it is my passion in life, I wish to share what I have learned and empower others to go deeper into their practice of self-realisation through Yoga!

I teach from the heart; my classes are Vinyasa flow style but often incorporate bits of other styles; for example, Yoga Nidra meditations in Shavasana, strong Hatha Yoga poses in-between flows and some deep and soft Yin style poses often towards the end of class.

I like to try and inspire people to chase their dreams through Yoga so we often set intentions and use the energy we create in practice to bring our dreams to reality. I can tell you it has worked for me, 3 years ago I would have never believed I would be able to stand in front of students and teach but I set my own intentions and here I am living what I dreamt of and visualised so many times!

Contact me on 07576615111 or to book on or for more info.

Class prices are £9 drop in or £56 for an 8 week block (£7 per class).