Haggler’s Corner presents…

Have you ever been put off doing a project because it you need to put in a zip or add some buttonholes?

Can you sew a basic seam, but want to be able to do more? Or wondered if the other 99 stitches on your machine are of any use to you?

Then this is the workshop for you! Over the day you will learn different methods of putting in a zip, running up a quick buttonhole on the sewing machine and even sewing buttons on using the machine.

We will endeavour to answer your questions about your machines and help you out with any issues you might have with any previous sewing projects. During the day we will also make a small make-up style bag for you to take home, which will give you chance to put in a zip and practice buttonholes. This is a great workshop for building on your basic skills and will give you lots more confidence for making your own clothes or lovely projects for your home.