Haggler’s Corner presents…

Saturday night disco every 4th Saturday of the month!

Fran spent years sound tracking Nottingham bars and clubs and amassing quite a collection of records. He was part of the Keep On Magazine collective and also a DJ with Wild Honey Soundsystem, a group of record collectors who lugged a top-end hi-fi soundsystem around Nottingham bars to play laid-back grooves in the sunshine throughout the summer months.

He’s played slots at DiY, Smokescreen and Nottingham’s Heavenly Social, plus held down a long standing residency at Saltwater’s Rooftop Terrace Bar.

Expect an eclectic, dance floor friendly mix of cosmic disco, psychedelic rock, house, dub, soul with guitar solos, hip hop breaks and more.

Here’s his Mixcloud account and below is a short vinyl-only promo for Sheffield’s Vibrations night.