Haggler’s Corner presents…

We Return to Sheffield for 3rd event of Kundalini Dance!

This is a potent mixture of shakti fire, chakra and ecstatic dance.

An opportunity to embody your wild, untamed selves.

I invite you to taste the ecstatic liquid nectar of Kundalini Dance as you ecstatically awaken each chakra centre to align with the resonance of creation.

This evening I invite you deep into temple space for an experience like no other

This practice is an Alchemical, Shamanic, Tantric, Chakra Dance

Which invites deep transformation of any inner pain, trauma barriers or blocks.

Dance your pain into pleasure through this priestess activation and transmission therapy that is Kundalini Dance.

Movement is your Medicine

We work through the wisdom of your body, inviting it to reveal all which holds you back, we breathe to invite pure divine presence to enter and cleanse you. Releasing the old, creates space for the divine shakti serpent to take you into ecstatic realms of bliss, joy and deep love.

This is a dance of tuning into your bodies intelligence,where permission is given for you to express and feel your deepest desires and longings

Where we offer and vibrate that inner prayer for union within.
This evening is a celebration of your journey. Dance for your own freedom, stepping in and rising as you reclaim your power.

When we raise the frequency of the body to ecstasy, everything must shift, born a new, re-birthed.

Are you feeling the call?

The journey is for men and women, regardless of gender we all have divine masculine and divine feminine energy within us. Its important to learn techniques that help cultivate and channel these energies

To reserve your space
Please pay a non refundable payment of £8
£10 will be owed on the evening

Miss E J Twigg 40-41-13 62063522

Or Via Paypal add 0.50p
Non refundable

Limited spaces available, Please book asap. Sending a private message once paid and I will reserve your space

Hearing the call?
Come and claim your space

With Love Deva

This is a taster session…

…before we begin a 7 week journey delving deep into the alchemy of each chakra. Starting:

5th February
Root Chakra

12th February
Sacral Chakra

19th February
Solar Plexus Chakra

26th February
Heart Chakra

4th March
Throat Chakra

11th March
3RD Eye Chakra

18th March
Crown Chakra

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