Haggler’s Corner presents…

6 Weeks Of Hatha Flow Yoga With Esther

Join me for 6 weeks of feeding the Birds of Paradise!

I love this yoga pose, it’s fairly challenging but it’s one that can be worked up to gradually over time. It requires balance, patience, stability and flexibility, so these are the things we’ll play with! There isn’t any need to reach the full expression of the pose over the six weeks (though that’s the direction we’ll be heading in)- the true focus is on the feeding of balance, strength and compassion into the whole body, so that our inner birds of paradise can be happy to fly in their technicolour greatness!

There will also be melodies to move too in many of the classes and time for resting and relaxing too.

I would highly recommend booking the block if you’re able to- partly as you’ll be able to feel and see the changes that take place over time, and partly as it would be lovely to see you for six weeks!!

Ps~ I’ve purposefully not put a photo up of the peak pose, because in it’s fullness it looks super full on and I don’t want to put you off! We will take it easy 🙂

Price £8 drop in or
£36 6 week Block

Esther Xx

Every Tuesday