Lace Crochet – 16/06/24

Crochet has been growing in popularity for several years now. The old fashioned image of a little old ladies hobby has truly gone. We know it is vibrant, colourful, creative, good for our mental health and a great way to make social connections. If you have been crocheting for a while now and want to spend the day moving your skills on, then this is the workshop for you.
In the morning we will be using very fine hooks and crochet cotton to create lace crochet. We will discuss blocking to set lace projects and methods of stiffening. Following diagrammatical patterns and using crochet cotton we will create gorgeous lace pieces to impress! The techniques learned can be used in many future projects.
In the afternoon we will examine techniques for adding texture to projects. This will include crocheting around the post (front and back), creating diamond patterns, ribbed stitching and cable stitch. Texture adds that extra wow factor to children’s clothes, cushions, blankets or whatever your project is.
If you have specific questions or patterns you are stuck on, bring them along and we will endeavour to answer your questions or help.
Crochet hooks, yarn and an instruction sheet are all included in the price of the workshop. All you need to bring along is yourself.
You must have mastered basic crochet stitches in order to enrol on this workshop.