Love Yurts

46 feet of hand-carved

Yorkshire love

The true versatility of the space is yet to be realised: weddings, parties, music and performance all lend themselves to the space, however the unimagined potential of our yurt is yet to be seen…

What will you use it for?

Here in Sheffield, we like to say we have a good ol’ connection with the outdoors, being the green city and all, and when it came to our own wedding, we decided to celebrate our love for each other, with the outdoors!

So, we lovingly hand built our 46ft yurt, based on traditional Mongolian nomadic designs, with wood carefully sourced from local woodland.

With an additional ring our giant yurt is intended as a venue for hire for special occasions and it too, will travel to where ever needed.




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How was it made?

We worked with local craftsmen at Handspring Design and used 150 locally sourced 3.5m long ash and sycamore poles for the roof…

…and another seven for the internal columns, with steamed, glue laminated Ash for the central and middle rings… well as ash for the 44m circumference trellis, the final diameter is a whopping 14m!

The capacity is 300 standing too!



The first time it was used

For its first erection we borrowed a school playground, and measured up for the cover made by Spirits Intent in the Abruzzo Mountains east of Rome in Central Italy.

Its first proper outing was in mid September when it was to be the venue for our Wedding on the Coast of the Llyn Peninsular of North Wales, celebrating -the union of Dave and Sarah, owners of Hagglers corner!

What will you use it for?



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All photography by Alexandra Wallace.