Haggler’s Corner presents…

Open Mic Night!

During our busy summer we have had a plethora of talent come through our doors on a Wednesday night. From Singer-Songwriters, didgeridoo and pipe players, spoken word, african drumming and other instrumentalists, its safe to say, as always, our door is open to all forms of performance art.

With Hagglers being a hub for community creativity, we believe it is time to create a consistent slot for local artists and performers to meet, talk, drink and jam, a place where many performers can safely come to nurture their projects and ideas, meet new artists, and create in a pressure free environment.

As before, all performers are entitled to a free pint (for nerves or victory, you decide) and we usually kick off around 8pm. All forms of performance are welcome, singer-songwriters, singers, songwriters, guitarists, drummers, flutists, saxophonists, piano players, poets, ukulele players, whole band and one man bands.

See you there

Every 1st & 4th Thursday of the month. (5th if you’re lucky enough)