Rachel Ward Yoga

Monday 19:30-20:30

Dance through asanas (yoga postures) with me as your guide. This is a moving meditation which allows us to become more in tune with our bodies and to still the mind. We will engage and strengthen the muscles as well as unwinding and releasing tensions held in the body.

I recently completed my 200hrs yoga teacher training in Ecuador where I studied and practiced Tantra yoga alongside Arts and Shamanism (YA and YAI certified). ‘Tantra’ is often translated as ‘to weave’, ‘tan’ comes from expansion, ‘tra’ means liberation.This style of yoga focuses on self discovery both physically, mentally and beyond. During this dance we weave and flow, allowing our instincts to guide us.

These classes will include pranayama (breath work) and time to meditate and unwind at the end of the class. The music will vary from class to class, from traditional Indian and Shaman music to Lo-fi and Hip Hop for a transcendent atmosphere.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to secure a place.


The cost for each class is £7.
You can also find the class on moveGB!

Contact Rachel
email: rachelcward.rw@googlemail.com
phone: 07807 186096