Haggler’s Corner presents…

Sweet Sacred Sisters

This evening I welcome you into sacred candlelit temple space to be nourished, loved, held and seen.

We will deeply connect to self and others in this safe container, where your invited to surrernder and soften into being.

This evening is a celebration of yourself. The challenges, tests, love, losses and growth. We don’t all see the waves we ride at home or behind closed doors. But you are not alone.

You are seen and supported on your journey and your sisters await.

A soothing delicious ceremony, with woman, to share, expand and open.

As we are journeying through the winter months, the theme is release and renew. We will journey with kundalini and shakti yoga, journaling and sacred sharing circle.

There are only 22 spaces available

To reserve your space
Please pay energy exchange of £16
And message Sacred Sister to me or comment on this page 🌹

Miss E J Twigg

Please bring:

Pen and paper
An item to place on the altar
A bottle of water, a blanket and cushion

And feel free to dress for your divine feminine as you enter temple space

Much love sisters