Womb Yoga

These classes are a yummy mixture of nourishing and nurturing movements and meditations which are designed to help to build a loving energy within the wild, creative feminine spirit that lives inside all women. The forms we explore work therapeutically alongside the many stages we go through cyclically as women, month by month and throughout our lives. In womb yoga classes every level of energy is super welcome and there are many variations given throughout the sessions to make the practice your own delicious, personalised recipe for self love. This practice can also be a great support if you’re experiencing painful periods and symptoms of pmt or stress related illness, if you’re moving through menopause and an ally to aid your fertility, naturally, if you’re hoping to conceive. I also offer 1:1s- so If you’re looking to work with a specific issue- I’d be delighted to tailor a session (or a series of sessions) of yoga, breath work and meditation to support you on your journey. Contact me for more details.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Let your life force flow, ease your way into your flexibility and build on your internal strength. Hatha Flow is a dynamic approach to Hatha yoga, which coaxes balance and harmony into the physiology through mindful movement, breath awareness and meditation. These classes are open to all levels as options will be given throughout, though If you’re entirely new to yoga I’d highly recommend booking a block of 1:1s with me to get a great grounding and foundation for your practice. Sometimes we move to music to ride on the flow of rhythm; other times we’re listening more deeply to the rhythms within. Each class is unique and evolves according to the energy and size of the group.

If you have any questions or want any more information please do get in touch with me.

tel: 07946579597 – email: estherknowlesyoga@gmail.com – Facebook: @Yoga with Esther