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Jo Bertzeletos

Saturday 10:00-11:30

Yoga Beings has been developed for children aged 4 to 11 years old. Through storytelling, play and fantasy your child will learn traditional yoga postures, sequences, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. Research has shown that teaching yoga to children has the following benefits:

  • Improves emotional and social skills
  • Increases ability to identify and locate body parts
  • Improves co-ordination and balance
  • Improves concentration and calmness
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves general health.

Jo is a highly educated, competent and respected yoga teacher, she has been sharing yoga in the Sheffield community for over 10 years and has been teaching yoga to children for 9 years. To find out more and see some footage of children doing yoga click here or contact Jo below.
Call: 07816 540 261, or you can email Jo through her website.

Esther Knowles

Hatha Flow
Tuesday 18:00-19:00
These sessions are creative, meditative explorations based in Hatha Flow. Expect a nourishing blend of movement, breath and restorative stillness. Each class is designed to help you to create a deeper, positive relationship with your own body- to stretch in to new possibilities of your own movement in flow and to invite your whole self in towards deep rest for restoration at the end of the class.

The asanas (postures) have the capability to entice and encourage life force energy to flow through your whole system- engaging body mind and spirit. Meditation and breathing techniques can help to lure the mind into presence & cultivate deeper awareness of the body’s subtle flows.

The tempo of the sessions will vary according to the seasons, but will remain open to all levels as varying options will allow you to find your own depth within the poses. Sometimes we move to music and sometimes it’s a quieter flow where we’re listening to inner rhythms of our bodies.

Yoga for Women’s Vitality
Every Wednesday 19:30-20:30
Starting from the 19th September

Women of all ages, shapes and life-stages are welcome to these cosy, candlelit classes.

We’ll explore practices based on the work of Uma Dinsmore Tuli, which have been developed to encourage and allow a deeper listening in to the natural rhythms of the feminine body. They warmly welcome womanly cycles and the many feelings we can experience within them, so that we can learn to go with the flow of our body’s wise inner nature. The movements are gentle and flowing yet I’ve found they can be very potent. Especially in helping to create a more positive relationship with yourself, with tapping into your intuitive wisdom and building both outer and inner strength.

£8 drop in
£36 for a 6 week block of classes
These classes are also available through MoveGB

Contact Esther
Facebook: and email:

Simon Barth

Tuesday 19:30-21:00
Friday 18:30-20:00

A beautiful mixture of yogic postures, breathing exercises, meditation and guided relaxation which is designed to bring about strength, calm, focus, clarity, confidence, flexibility, general health and well-being. Whether a complete beginner or more advanced in your practice you’ll feel right at home in our friendly and informal environment.
EVERYONE WELCOME! For further information visit Simon Barth yoga

1st class half price £3. Thereafter £6.

Simon Barth

Call: 07920598060, email:


Susanna Grace

Wednesday 10:30-12:00
Thursday 18:30-20:00

Susanna teaches mainly Hatha Yoga with a focus on releasing tension and unconscious habits from the body and the mind so that muscles can relax and breath can flow.

She is also influenced by much study of the Alexander Technique, energy work and body psychology. Her classes are known for their gentle thoroughness and her sensitivity and sense of humour.

Drop ins are sometimes available but please contact first as her classes are very popular and usually fully booked.

£9 per class/£72 for 8 week block

Susanna Grace : Website

Call: 07586 322214, email:

Eric Wilkinson

Thursday 10.15-11:45

As a trained Yoga Therapist, Eric’s classes are taught with the individual in mind. Each person is unique, with their own story that has shaped their body and mind as it is today, thus the postures

and other Yogic techniques are adapted to suit the individual.

Postures are introduced gradually, step by step, so that the practitioner can find comfort (Sukha) and steadiness (Sthira) in the body and breath at each stage. As we learn to pay attention to the

sensations in the body and breath, the mind is brought to the present moment and gradually it too becomes calm and steady.

Blending Western science and Eastern wisdom, this class uses postures, breathing techniques, sound, relaxation and meditation to bring optimum health to the body and mind.

This class is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience, and offers a slower paced, therapeutic approach to Yoga.

The class is run in blocks that coincide with school term times and can vary in length each term. One class per term can be carried over to the next term if missed.

Cost per class is £7 when booked in a block and £8.50 drop-in. Concession rates available.

Eric Wilkinson : Website

Call: 07984200290, e-mail:

Kelly Dadd

Thursday 20:15-21:15
Friday 10:00-11:30

Kelly teaches a subtle style of yoga named Dru Yoga. All movements are made with awareness and are flowing, following the breath. Together with visualisations and empowering affirmations Dru Yoga provides an empowering experience for the body, mind and soul. Helping to reduce stress & anxiety whilst stretching and strengthening the body.

Classes always begin with a lively activation to prepare the body, moving into an Energy Block release sequence to help release latent energy. We explore classical HathaYoga postures and Dru flowing sequences, Mudras (Hand gestures) Relaxation & Meditation. Classes are suitable if you are new to yoga or have practiced previously. It is a fun & friendly class.

Class is £8 per session – Drop in available – Block booking £36 for 6 sessions (can be used Thurs/Fri)


Rachel Ward

Wednesday 18:00-19:00

Dance through asanas (yoga postures) with me as your guide. This is a moving meditation which allows us to become more in tune with our bodies and to still the mind. We will engage and strengthen the muscles as well as unwinding and releasing tensions held in the body.

I recently completed my 200hrs yoga teacher training in Ecuador where I studied and practiced Tantra yoga alongside Arts and Shamanism (YA and YAI certified). ‘Tantra’ is often translated as ‘to weave’, ‘tan’ comes from expansion, ‘tra’ means liberation.This style of yoga focuses on self discovery both physically, mentally and beyond. During this dance we weave and flow, allowing our instincts to guide us.

These classes will include pranayama (breath work) and time to meditate and unwind at the end of the class. The music will vary from class to class, from traditional Indian and Shaman music to Lo-fi and Hip Hop for a transcendent atmosphere.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to secure a place.


The cost for each class is £7.
You can also find the class on moveGB!

Contact Rachel
phone: 07807 186096

Susan Gudjonsson

Thursday 13:30-14:30

Daoist Yoga, or Kai Men as it is known in China, is a fundamental part of the Daoist system of Weihai Lishi Quanfa (Lishi for short). Kai Men works to harmonise physical movements with breath control and energy development, using ancient Chinese exercises and Daoist practice. By practising Kai Men regularly, we can achieve a greater flexibility and suppleness of the body.

In harmony with this physical benefit, Kai Men leads to the opening of our energy channels to release the natural flow of vital energy throughout the body. This class offers a unique opportunity to experience this essential part of Lishi and to feel it’s many benefits.

Contact Susan
phone: 07973 607852

Light Room & Yoga Classes

Light Room


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Looking to get healthier, relieve some stress or improve your skills?

The Light Room Yoga Studio is one of the city’s most striking and idyllic yoga spaces with multiple yoga styles practised every week. You’re spoilt with the number of teachers and different disciplines we have available.

If you would like any further information about yoga classes, please contact individual teachers directly and see class details below. During holiday periods please check directly with the teacher whether the class is running. Thank you!

If interested in hiring the Light Room Yoga studio please get in touch!