Haggler’s Corner presents…

Let’s Explore!

What is it that we’re made up of?
Skin, muscle and bone?
Thoughts and ideas?
All of the above…
and a voice on top?

Flowing with the Elements Yoga (Hatha Flow) – Every Tuesday from 6.00pm

With yogic philosophy and nature as our guides, through movement we’ll feel into how we’re intrinsically connected to the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether or Space.

We’ll be practicing a yoga sequence over the 6 weeks that will draw our attention to the ways in which we’re deeply connected to the whole of life. We’ll be building on physical strength and stability through a playful array of asana and finding more freedom and fluidity in movement, through sweet stretching and lots of breath awareness.

These sessions are suitable to those with some experience of vinyasa, Hatha or Ashtanga yoga.

£8 drop in
£36 for the whole 6 weeks
Also part of MoveGB

Coming Soon! From the 19th September… Yoga for Women’s Vitality – Every Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm

Women of all ages, shapes and life-stages are welcome to these cosy, candlelit classes~
We’ll explore practices based on the work of Uma Dinsmore Tuli, which have been developed to encourage and allow a deeper listening in to the natural rhythms of the feminine body. They warmly welcome womanly cycles and the many feelings we can experience within them, so that we can learn to go with the flow of our body’s wise inner nature. The movements are gentle and flowing yet I’ve found they can be very potent. Especially in helping to create a more positive relationship with yourself, with tapping into your intuitive wisdom and building both outer and inner strength.

Mats available at Hagglers, wear your comfy’s 🙂

Every Tuesday at 6.00pm